PoliCrowd platform visualizes the Points of Interest (POIs) reported from the Android ODK Collect application on the top of World Wind virtual globe. POIs are depicted on the globe with the same symbolization that has been also used within the ODK Collect application.
In particular, POIs representation becomes more and more specific as PoliCrowd users zoom the 3D map. For points of view with a high altitude over the globe, a common icon (i.e. a pin) is used to show all the POIs regardless of their characterization. At intermediate altitudes, POIs are represented according to the category the belong to, i.e. points with panoramic view, monuments, historical/monumental buildings, places of worship, places of artistic/cultural activities, sports facilities, transport stations and events. Finally, at small altitudes peculiar symbols showing the POIs nature are used: for instance, a POI belonging to the category of monuments will be depicted with a different, ad hoc icon depending on whether it is a statue/sculpture, a fountain or an historical monument.
Whatever is the current altitude of the point of view, clicking on the icon of a POI a balloon appears, providing users with the field-collected information (including the image) related to that POI. A “View” button inside the balloon allows also users to access a new browser window, showing all the information about that POI which has been collaboratively collected by the community.
The owner of a POI (i.e. the person who reported that POI through the Android ODK Collect application) can finally benefit from additional rights, that are the opportunity to real-time change the POI coordinates by dragging it on the globe, and the access - this time through a “View/Edit” button - to a personal page with editing privileges on the POI contents.