Luca Poddigue (STUDENT)

In 2012 he earned a BSc degree in Computer Engineering at Università degli Studi di Pavia, with a thesis about Agile Software Development. He is currently a MSc student and is working on a thesis about adaptive similarity functions for music recommendation systems.


Andrés Quiñones (STUDENT)

Born in Medellín (Colombia), he took his BSc in Computer Science Engineering in the same city. He has had a high interest in the GIS field since college and because of that, he was part of a research program while in college at a multidisciplinary group to develop a Web-based GIS application to visualize pollutant-monitored data in the main river of the city. He has worked as GIS Analyst and GIS Developer in the past few years for both public and private sectors. He is currently attending the MSc in Environmental and Geomatic Engineering at Politecnico di Milano.


Giorgio Zamboni (MENTOR)

He obtained a degree with honors in Computer Engineering at Politecnico di Milano with specialization in design, development and management of multimedia applications, multi-dimensional graphical systems and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for the treatment of spatial data. He obtained a Ph.D. with honors in Geodesy and Geomatics at Politecnico di Milano, with specialization in techniques for acquiring, geocoding, analyzing and processing geographic data and development of advanced geocomputing software. His current research activities at Politecnico di Milano focuses on GIS, WebGIS, multi-dimensional Virtual Globes and automatic integration of heterogeneous geographic data for environmental and territorial analysis by means of multi-resolution algorithms.