The following instructions allow to install and use the Android Application ODK Collect (
With this APP you are able to collect data (images, videos, photos, notes, etc.) with your mobile device (i.e. your smartphone or tablet) and send it to ODK servers available on the network. All the submitted data can then be viewed on a 4D Virtual Globe by simply using PoliCrowd 2.0.

Download from Google Play ( the ODK Collect application and install it on an Android device.

Open the application and press the device Options button. Select General Settings and, in the next menu, set the following options: 

  • Server Platform: ODK Aggregate

  • URL:  Enter the URL of the ODK Server you want to connect

  • Username: Enter the username with which you registered to the ODK Server

  • Password: Enter the password with which you registered to the ODK Server

If you want to test the APP with the Politecnico ODK Server, enter the following information:




From the main page of the application, select Get Blank Form in order to connect to the server. Log in using the assigned username and password and press OK. In the next page, you can see the list of the form templates which are currently available on the server. Check the form you want to use (e.g. Point Of Interest) and press Get Selected in order to download the form on your device. A message will confirm the success of the operation, which requires an active Internet connection.




From the main page of the application, select now Fill Blank Form. In the next page, among the available form templates select the previously downloded (e.g. Point Of Interest). In this way, you will access the starting page of the questionnaire.



Provide answers to each step of the questionnaire, which also gives some instructions on how to deal with each specific request.




Providing an answer is mandatory for all the questions, with the exception of the one asking for the POI description. At any time during the questionnaire, it is possible to switch the language from/to English, Italian and Spanish. To do so, press the device Options button and select Change Language, then choose your preferred language. At the end of the questionnaire, give a name to your report and press Save Form and Exit. The questionnaire can be compiled also without an active Internet connection.




The compiled questionnaire has now been saved, but still not be sent to the server. It is possible to further modify it, selecting Edit Saved Form from the main page of the application. Select then the saved form you wish to edit in order to access the previous questionnaire and modify your answers.




When you are satisfied about the answers to the questionnaire, you are ready to submit your report to the server. From the main page of the application, select Send Finalized Form. In the next page, select the finalized form you wish to submit and press Send Selected. This step requires an active Internet connection.




Submitted reports can now be viewed with PoliCrowd 2.0.

For more information on how to build your own data collection forms, share them on internet or even build your ODK Server visit the website: